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Latest at www.wheretoracerc.com

Where to sign up?

If you new to www.wheretoracerc.com, you start by picking from the coming event's on the left. From there, just fill out your contact details at the top of the form, then scroll down and fill our your car information and submit. When the page refreshes, you will be entered in the event. If the race has decided to use Pay-Pal to accept on-line payments, you will be able to pay for your entry's using the pay-pal button!

If your hosting A race, and your club does not have a profile here at www.wheretoracerc.com, just click on the "Directors" button to get started. You will then be able to enter your Track details and then finally Event details. It's layed out this way to accomidate clubs that have both on-road, off-road, indoor or outdoor tracks. You can create as many tracks as necessary.

John G.

Ready for your race?

Ready for your race? We can help! Just signup your club, enter your track detail, then enter your event details. You can have an online signup system in place in minutes! Checkout some of the features!

First And Best (Dec-17-2006)

You might see other online signup web sites out there. This is the first to try to satify the needs of both racers and track owners/directors. Home of the one-click sign up form. Fastest ever. Thousands of hours have been put into the creation and maintance of www.wheretoracerc.com and with the help and support of local races, tracks and people, it has morphed into a very powerful database driven on-line r/c event signup system that has no rival's. Your continued support will ensure the continued access of www.wheretoracerc.com in the future. If you would like to see any ideas, enhancements or find any bugs, just use the simple contact form and I will be sure to see what I can do to make it come true. As allways, your data will NEVER be relased to any company or individual for marketing purposes. As a matter of fact, most of the information is optional and is only used during the signup process of each event you signup for. Thanks John Geffe www.wheretoracerc.com

Driver Profile (Dec-17-2006)

Updated the Driver profile page, now you can:

Server Move

A couple of weeks ago the web site moved from one computer to another, the old server was rebooting atleast once a day. Not good. So after a few hicups, we are back and running good. I think just about everything is back to normal. If you see something out of place or not working right, send me an email from the contact form. Thanks, John

New (8-3-2006)

Race Directors: You can now download the racer file for RcScoringPro with either the vertical bar or comma as the seperator. Only Doug knows what version yours is, so download both.

During the Clarkston NCT race, little did I know that Doug of RcScoringPro had changed the delimiter (the character that seperates fields) was changed from a vertical bar to a comma. One reason I ask all race directors to try the file before the morning of race day.. A quick call and all was resolved.


Some of the features of wheretoracerc.com are as follows:

Easy entries for everyone

To signup for the system, please sign up for the next race you are going to attend. Filling out the form is easy and nothing more then what you would be expected to fill out if it where a paper entry at the track.
The difference is, once you fill in your information, you don't need to fill it in again. Just enter your cars for the classes you wish to race.

Optionally, pay for your race using pay-pal (if the race director has enabled this option).

Northwest Championship Tour

This web site was inspired by the NCT and was designed to make signup easier for the racers. Test your skills against the best drivers in the the Pacific Northwest, signup today.

If your a returning champion trying to figure out how to enter and get your free classes, follow this procedure: