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  • Password Resets

    Posted By: John Geffe - Jun 25, 2007 00:04:17
    If you have lost your password, and can't remember what email you used when you signed up. Send me an email or PM me on rctech.net
    I will enter your current email and send your password.
    Please Please Please make sure the email is correct.
    Ron, that email at yahoo bounces.

    John Geffe
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  • Autoscore Import

    Posted By: John - Jun 22, 2007 23:24:13
    Strange things about the import feature of Autoscore:
    1. If the class name does not match EXACTLY it will not work.
    2. If there are two sequential lines in the import file (different classes), the import will fail. Even though the individual lines are valid.
    3. Blank lines will cause the import to fail.
    4. The last line in the file must not contain anything, for example, after the last entry, press enter and that should be the last character in the file. Spaces or more then one line seem to cause the import to fail.
    5. Be sure to use normal characters, (0-9 & A-z either case). Avoid things like pound #, dollar $ and ampersand & for example.
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  • New feature for race director

    Posted By: John Geffe - Apr 14, 2007 10:03:58
    Now the Race Director can sort the entry's by the racers last name. This allows them to easily find entry's and mark them paid.
    Just another user request taken care of.
    Let me know how you like it or how it can be improved!

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  • More options for Race Directors!

    Posted By: John - Feb 25, 2007 22:55:54
    Handle race entries the way you want to handle race entries.
    Some race directors don't want or need to limit entries.
    Some other's must because the track or facility can only handle so many heats in the time allowed.
    Now race directors can choose how to limit race entries:
    These are choses in the Race Directors, Event Information, Class Setup section.
    1. (default and previous behaviour) each class is limited by x number of entries, paid or not. The total event has a master number of "PAID" entries it is limited to.
    2. Each class is limited by x number of PAID entries, after that, no more entries in that class will be accepted. And the Pay-Pal link is disabled if there are no eligable classes. The class that is limited will not be transferred to pay-pal, and cannot be entered. Everyone else is effectivly on the waiting list for the class.

    I hope this helps with the really large events, it was an issues that had been bothering me for a while. Now on to the Spring racing season !! OH YEA!

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  • Ordering T-shirts?

    Posted By: John - Feb 23, 2007 01:21:23
    If your a race director, and you use www.wheretoracerc.com you can get a pretty good guess at how many t-shirts you need and of which sizes.
    Using some complicated SQL query's on the wheretoracerc.com event and user database, the directors screeen gives you a count of which is 1 t-shirt per person who signed up on & before the t-shirt cutoff date. Of course this has just been coded tonight, but the math looks really good from where I am sitting.
    Saturday is Nitro racing at TRCR. See you there!
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