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  • Major Race managment enhancement

    Posted By: John - Feb 20, 2007 22:36:56
    Tonight I have put in place a major enhancement that will make the radio control race directors event managment go a little smoother:
    1st when managing racers, the screen is sorted by last name. This makes it easy to mark racers paid that may have paid at the counter or later with pay-pal.
    2nd you can sort by Paid (which puts all the paid drivers at the top to of the class) then it sorts by sign up date, which effectivly creates a waiting list.
    3rd I have added a number to left which is just a simple counter.
    So you know where your at. You must still add the paper entries to this number, but is should be a lot better then it was before.

    Happy Racing, if you see me at the track, introduce yourself!
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  • 2007 Northwest Championship Tour

    Posted By: John - Feb 8, 2007 21:58:24
    At this time, 4 of the 6 events are setup, two are accepting signups at this time. Peel-it and Wenatchee! Events #1 & #2 on the NCT!
    With a little over a month until NCT #1 it doesn't leave much time to get your gear in gear. Range check your radio, upgrade your pit canopy and pick up a new jug of RC Nitro Fuel. Better make sure your starter box, glow ignitor and fuel bottle function good!
    Fuel bottles tend to split if they don't get regular use, so get after it!
    See you in Marysville!
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  • Spring is almost here

    Posted By: John - Feb 3, 2007 00:45:59
    Spring is just around the corner. Companies are releasing new cars, trucks, buggies and 1/8th scale stadium trucks hopefully before the summer racing season gets into full swing,
    I have been running stock truck at TRCR with mixed results. Just proves that you need to race on a constant basis to keep on your game. Looking forward to running 1/8 Buggy here in the coming months. My XB8 is in pieces, but that should be fixed soon.
    Peel-it Raceway in Marysville Washington, gets to host NCT Event #1 for 2007. The hard pack clay/dirt always holds up well and is a blast to race on.
    Should be a good show.
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  • Get your race setup early

    Posted By: John - Jan 29, 2007 21:37:03
    Getting your race setup early is better then late!
    It sounds obvious, but I have seen many races have low turnouts because people can't find their race online so they make other plans or race the weekly club races.
    The magic number is about two months ahead (but the earlier the better), this give rc racers time to plan time off from work, block out weekends for racing and set aside the cash required for travel, parts and other expenses associated with Radio Control Car racing.
    www.wheretoracerc.com allows you to setup your race event upto 365 days in advance, no flyer reqired and accepts paypal directly to your paypal account.
    So get your event setup now before everyone goes to the other race!

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  • RSS Feed Adjustment

    Posted By: John - Jan 22, 2007 21:38:18
    Tonight I changed the main site news feed to list events first, by next in date, then message posts by date, latest first. Just a bit easier to read, with events at the top.

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