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  • RC01, 03, 05, 07, 09, and RC11 Added

    Posted By: John - Jan 20, 2007 11:52:20
    Today I added frequencies known as RC01, 03, 05, 07, 09, and RC11 to the list of US channels.
    Additional support for Austrialia to follow. Since those channels and frequencies are listed in RC Scoring PRO, it should be a snap.

    Summers is right around the corner!
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  • We have a WINNER! RC Scoring Pro timing software

    Posted By: John - Jan 18, 2007 20:44:10
    Now you can have all your on-line entries and signups entered into your race timing software (RC Scoring Pro) and have it automaticly create heats, enter sponsor lists and email. Most of the fields within RC Scoring Pro are supported!
    RC Scoring Pro is looking to be the Benchmark for Timing software for ease of setup, use and after race reporting (automaticly email results to the racers after the race?)
    Making your race event run as smooth as you drive (we maybe not YOU!)
    Contact Doug about upgrading your version of RC Scoring Pro to be compatible with the new features. We have been working on this the last couple of days so a bit of fine tuning might be needed.
    I highly recommend getting familure with the race software, import functions, setting up a race, etc. before your big race.
    Nothing more frustrating then watching a race director struggle with something as simple as adding a late entry.

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  • Changed Frequency list

    Posted By: John - Jan 17, 2007 20:53:26
    I made a big change in the way frequencies are displayed on www.wheretoracerc.com.
    From now on, the majority of what you will see will be in the actual frequency, not channel. For example you were used to signing up with channel 70 & 71? Now the drop down lists will show 75.590 (70) and 76.610 (71).
    This is to accomidate global racers!
    If you have a frequency / country list, I would like to know about it so I can get it added to the list.

    John G
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  • Adding more support for RC Scoring Pro

    Posted By: John - Jan 16, 2007 23:38:13
    Currently, I am working on getting additional fields to import into RC Scoring Pro lap timing software.
    The new fields will be Address.. Sponsors and Email.
    These are already in RC Scoring pro, but I am unsure how often they are used since each field would need to be entered manually.
    Using www.wheretoracerc.com and RC Scoring Pro as your event system, you can have your event posted in minutes.
    You just need to decide the order of heats!
    Overall I am very impressed with how far the software has evolved over the last year. Keep up the good work Doug.
    If you know of a large event, mention www.wheretoracerc.com as an on-line event signup and payment system. It beats everything else I have seen for ease of use for Race Directors and Drivers!
    As a bonus, once your personal information is entered for one event, you don't need to enter it for the next. Same with your RC Car information!

    One stop does it all!
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  • rctiming Laps software

    Posted By: John - Jan 10, 2007 23:41:42
    I am working on getting support for www.rctiming.com timing software implemented in short order.
    I failed to remember the need to support UK and Europe in terms of country, state / province in the forms, and the different frequencies required.
    Oh boy. I estimate about a week before I have it ready.
    I have about 35% of it done on the testing server already.
    The sql scripts for converting the drivers channel numbers into frequenies is ready to go, but everything has to be ready.

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