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  • International Support

    Posted By: John - Jan 10, 2007 23:38:05
    I am currently working on changing how the channels are displayed to actually be the frequency used instead of the North America channel codes.
    I suspect it is a couple of weeks out until I get it all converted over. I will probably take a few hours when I have it working 100% on my beta server before going live with the conversion. Almost 90% of the stuff is behind the scean's with database tables, form comparisons and race timing software output files. The 10% is with showing North American channels when appropriate, like for North America events since that is what we are used to. Don't worry, if you hover your mouse over the frequency, it will show the channel & flag colors if any.
    March is too far away, yet too close at the same time.
    Peel-it should have the signups ready by mid February, I will try to talk them into earlier on-line!

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  • Fixed active signup form

    Posted By: John - Jan 10, 2007 23:32:53
    Corrected an error in the active signup form, so now it works as it was designed. Plus I fixed a problem where it would check the classes even if it was not checked. And error if none where checked. Now it behaves as designed. There are actually two different forms, but they look alike. One is if your not logged in and don't have a user profile, you can fill out the form, check your classes, setup your channels and be entered in the event upon submit.
    The other is if you are logged in, it doesn't display your user data, unless you want it to by clicking on the appropriate text.
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  • Working for a better-faster-easier signup

    Posted By: John G - Jan 6, 2007 02:02:16
    Yes, here at www.wheretoracerc.com we (..well I..) put in many hour to bring you a faster signup (one form does everything except pay!) easier (one form for your contact information - if your signed in, this is done for you - select your race classes and frequencies)

    For the track operator, you can get payment right away by PayPal.
    Download a racer file that is compatible with both Autoscore and RCScoringPRO + .csv (comma seperated value) file that lists racers, sponsors, shirt sizes, channels etc. for use during your event.
    While managing your event on-line, the system will automaticlly update those who have paid on-line (via PayPal) and update the status page. You can also enter in racers who have mailed in their entries, either as a total number per class or enter their name, classes and channels for import into your Race Timing Software.
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  • More Changes Coming - How to list

    Posted By: John - Jan 2, 2007 23:35:46
    It's going to take a while, but I hope the howto list becomes a resource for using www.wheretoracerc.com
    I hope to list a few key things:
    1. How to list your event.
    2. How to signup for an event.
    3. How to post to your blog if your a club director and how to post comments if your a racer.
    Oh, directors can create new topics, while racers can comment on them. You must be logged in to post. So signup today!
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  • Beta status is gone

    Posted By: John - Jan 1, 2007 21:22:00
    Around the holiday, a person can do many things. One of them is mad code to try to get more traffic to the website.
    That includes moving the web pages from the /beta/WEB/ forwarded sub directory to the top level domain.
    That should help, also including meta tags on the pages, improved rss feed (how can it get any better you ask?) re-instating the blog (which is short for "web log" ) and put rss feeds on those.
    Raced on Sunday, the last day of 2006, hosted a new years eve party, bought some batteies. Did more mad coding on the web site. I think it's right where I want it to be right now.
    If anyone want to sponsor some banners that would be great.
    I really want to get a banner up on rctech.net and target the racing forum, that would be killer, but at $60 a month and no forum targeting it is hard to justify. Since this is 100% out of my pocket.

    and Happy New Year, may you win many A-Main'!!!
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