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  • Beta pages up.

    Posted By: John - Dec 30, 2005 22:28:25
    I am re-working some of the pages to be a little easier on the eyes and also hopefully load a bit faster.
    Although there is some heavy SQL-script statements going on that just plain take a few second to execute.
    You can try some of the new pages at www.wheretoracerc.com/beta/WEB/ index.php
    The pages that work are the "home, events, contact" pages.
    Which are the major important one's.

    Give it a try.
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  • Way too much spam

    Posted By: John - Dec 22, 2005 10:50:21
    I have disabled the webmaster email account, it has become a magnet for all sorts of spam. I know they use web spiders to collect email address, so maybe in the future I will re-enable it. Until then you can use the contact form, or PM me on R/C tech.net
    Also, if your having ANY trouble with this website, please contact me as soon as possiable, I will be able to fix it in short order.

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  • Ghost be gone!

    Posted By: John - Sep 16, 2005 21:04:58
    Thanks Torry for your assistance in hunting down the ghost in the machine.
    The problem was that you could not select a class you had & select a new class in one motion.
    I located the problem, checked the code, changed the code and tested.
    Now you should be able to just check any class you want to join regardless of if you have it set up or not.
    The classes you have setup are in yellow.

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  • ghost in the machine

    Posted By: John Geffe - Aug 22, 2005 18:26:59
    Sometime before 8-10-2005 there was a bug in the code that allowed "null" to be inserted as the primary frequency. This has caused some grief with signup's. I have changed all the "Null's" to "DSM" so the problem should cease. But if your not DSM, you should go ahead and change it to what ever you are. Now that I have removed all the Null's I will be checking daily to see if they come back. Coding is fun, honest....
    As for the Canby Race, I had a good time, qualified 7th in the C main (no so great, but average for me), my third qualifer was my best run at 9/5:10, and the main at 9/5:15, but with a lot of flips and on-the-lid type stuff. Frustrating to flip over and see the pack go by while the corner watches....
    This whole weekend was running my new XB8 which first saw dirt on Friday....
    It has a lot of potential, but I need a lot more wheel time. This summer has been full of other non-rc stuff... arrrg....

    See you at the track.
    Email me if you have any issues signing up or getting your event setup. I usually check email twice a day if not more.

    John Geffe
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  • New Stuff

    Posted By: John - Jun 28, 2005 06:22:52
    I have removed the frequency list from the signup stats and installed a graph.
    It lists per class, so if you entered a class, you can check it for more then one entry per channel (yours) and change if necessary.
    With the wide spread use of DSM and other technologies coming into use, the frequency list is getting pretty small.
    Just scroll down to see the graph.

    If you know of a club or track that you want added, put some pressure on the operators of said track/club to sign up.

    John Geffe

    p.s. if you want a feature added or something doesn't work for you, just send me an email and I will see what I can do.

    Thanks again
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