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  • Web status

    Posted By: John - Jan 16, 2005 10:25:13
    My web host has been having load balancing problems the past couple of days. Hope it get's fixed very soon. Sorry for the inconvience if you have not been able to access www.wheretoracerc.com

    Thank you
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  • Electric Offroad

    Posted By: John Geffe - Dec 12, 2004 23:26:51
    Wow, long day of racing, 14 heats, three qualifiers and a main.
    Packed heats (10 cars) lots of good racing, lots of people, a packed track! Racing started promptly at 1pm and finished with trophys and out the door right about 9pm. Not bad for how many racers there were.
    Thanks Scott for calling the race, and Brian for putting it together, and everyone else who helped out in one way or another. Really suprised to see volunteer corners at the drop of a hat. Usually only one call and they came running!
    Personally, I was runnin good (4mod) until midway in to the thrid qualifier when my buggy suddenly decided it was going to go left most of the time.
    I did't figure it out until after the main :-(
    Any guesses, post them here.

    John Geffe
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  • FAQ

    Posted By: John Geffe - Dec 10, 2004 20:50:28
    The FAQ tab is now in place. Get those questions coming in!!
    I would like to improve the website as much as possiable so I need your feed back.

    John Geffe
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  • More Updates

    Posted By: John Geffe - Dec 5, 2004 22:10:49
    For race directors they can download the driver list in either:
    * autoscore for windows
    * Excel file format (.xls)
    * comma seperated values (.csv)

    I have also added an active blog list to the home page,
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  • Password recovery

    Posted By: John Geffe - Dec 1, 2004 21:02:23
    Password recovery, has been added to the login for both drivers and club/hobbyshop/race directors login. This will allow you get your username/password that you may have mis-placed and get logged back in.
    -Please post what you want about the new look here, If you have any questions for the FAQ, send me an email and I can get that page started.
    -If you have any ideas on how to make it easier to use (any section of the website) go ahead and send me and email.
    This site is 99% custom coded (this blog was heavily modified to accompany all the clubs!) so just about anything is possiable.

    --I should have my Kanai 2 back together for Saturday racing down in Tacoma, hope to see you all there and keep those receiver packs charged!

    John Geffe
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