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  • Site Update, Just a few pages left..

    Posted By: John Geffe - Nov 2, 2004 18:14:27
    Most of the important stuff is working. The home page, which should update automaticlly with club blog entries, the "club" page which list each clubs, tracks, and events, and "blog" entries & comments. The "Track" and "Event" page, the most interesting of which is the "Event" page. Here each driver can sign up for said event. and pay if it is enabled by the club director. It also lists who is signed up (either by username or real name depending on if you are logged in or not).
    The last real challange is the event setup page that lists classes to the event is going to have.
    Several ways to do it, I am leaning towards showing all classes, but the ones selected to have a checkbox checked next to it. The current method with a list in a window seems to have duplicate classes set up..

    Comments are welcome.
    John Geffe
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  • Blogging on main page.

    Posted By: John Geffe - Oct 30, 2004 18:42:19
    This will take the latest Blog entry from each "Club", put the subject, date, author and a part of the message on the home page. Now just start using it. I know stuff is going on around here, and over there, and there..
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  • Name Change?

    Posted By: John Geffe - Oct 29, 2004 07:05:50
    Kickin around the idea of showing real names on the signed up list, but only if you are logged in?
    Any comments on this would be welcome.

    John Geffe
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  • Blog Test

    Posted By: John Geffe - Oct 27, 2004 22:45:42
    Be sure to post anything going on with your club/hobby shop here in your own blog. Just access it via your "Director" tab on the menu bar. It's quick, easy and FUN!!
    You can post anything R/C related, please keep flames and such to the forums (rctech.net is a good one!)
    If you have upcoming feature races, ie vintage or enduro races, post a quick note here so people can find out about it. Better yet, set the event up in the Events tab and let people sign up before hand.
    RCCCW on October 2nd 2004 used this website for signups for their huge money race and it was quick and easy for most involved.
    The Northwest Championship Tour is coming up, first round in Wenatchee in April
    Go ahead and post your feedback here or shoot me an email.
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